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SCUBA Open Water education is broken down to TWO units and may be taken together or separately.

Unit One includes: 4 classroom sessions, each 2 hours long, and 4 pools sessions that are each 2-4 hours long. If needed, extra classroom or pool time will be provided at no additional charge.
Includes: All course material, book, and the following rental equipment: BCD, regulators, computer, gauges, octo, tank and weights.
Age/physical requirements: 10 years or older, able to swim a couple of laps at leisure pace and tread water.
Personal equipment needed: Your own mask, snorkel, and fins. Equipment can be purchased at discounted rates!
Donation to the Crew: $299.00

Unit Two includes four open water dives (30-60 minutes each) on two half-day sessions at a local lake or ocean site. Sites include: Camp Workcoeman (New Hartford, CT), Jamestown (RI), Dutch Springs (PA). Other sites are available.
Includes: All rental equipment, instruction and certification fees!
Personal equipment needed: Your own mask, snorkel, and fins.
Donation: $250.00



Has it been a while since you have been diving? Have 12 months gone by and you are planning a big trip? Do you want the reassurance that you are doing everything properly? The Inactive Diver Program will get you back up to speed. During the course, your instructor will review equipment assembly and maintenance, dive planning, hand signals, proper ascents and descents, emergency procedures, and buoyancy. By the end of this course you will be able to enjoy your next big dive with confidence and ease.

Cost of Class: $100 - All profits go to Crew 3000 restoration projects.



The Advanced Diver Development Program was created to make truly “Advanced Divers.” During the course your Instructor will take you through four specialties (deep, navigations, wreck and Nitrox) covering all the skills and subjects, so that by the end you will feel comfortable to conduct dives of a similar nature. Once you have logged your 25th dive and completed four advanced diver specialties, you will be awarded an Advanced Diver Certification. By earning the Advanced SCUBA Diver certification you will increase abilities and comfort in the water and be ready for the next step, Rescue Diver. Prerequisites: Open Water certification with 25 or more logged dives.

Cost of Class: $600 - All profits go to Crew 3000 restoration projects.



The Rescue Diver Course is designed to develop your knowledge and necessary skills to effectively perform diver rescues and assist and administer necessary first aid. You will learn skills such as how to perform self rescues, buddy rescues, recognize and calm potential panic divers, administer proper first aid to divers that have experienced dive related injuries, conduct effective search patterns and manage accident scenes. After the Rescue Diver Course you can enroll in the Master SCUBA Diver Development Program or start in the professional ranks and sign up for the Divemaster Course. We will do classroom on the first day and Pool the following week.
Prerequisites: Open Water certification with at least 25 logged dives.

Cost of Class: $250 - All profits go to Crew 3000 restoration projects.



Whether you’ve been diving for years or just earned your C-card, if you are interested in purchasing or just curious about diving with a full face mask, this class is for you. Try before you buy.

Full face diving mask advantages: easy to equalize, no mask fogging, allows you to breathe in a normal, relaxed fashion (and through your nose), sturdy multi-strap system means it cannot be knocked askew while diving, no jaw fatigue, covers whole face, protecting it from the elements. With the addition of an underwater communication system, you can speak to other divers.

Cost of Class: $125 - All profits go to Crew 3000 restoration projects.

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